Campante celebrates the fine artistry of Portuguese embroidery, bringing it to table settings and homes through the talent and dexterity of the artisans it works with. Presented in a series of table linen collections, the handcrafted magic of this skilled tradition is captured in the colourful and decorative designs that bring the tablescape to life. As masters of their craft, these artists interweave their stories into each design to stimulate an intimate connection between worlds and eras as their work lives on through gatherings and celebrations today, all enriched by the beauty of each creation. Here at Campante, the ritual of dining is elevated as we revive the captivating charm of an age-old tradition, creating shared experiences and unforgettable moments together. In coming together around the table, our cherished story continues.


With a strong commitment to responsible design, and through sustaining local creatives, each piece is handmade from the finest linens adding a quality which ensures they can be treasured for generations to come. As hosts, elevate your dining experience through Campante with sumptuous palettes and motifs designed to evoke passion and charisma on every occasion. Through this revival of the craft, it is a reminder that tradition is not to be forgotten but to be reinvented. A legacy which lives on forever.



Bridging the gap between traditional craft and contemporary design, Campante works with local embroidery artisans to produce luxurious collections of table linen. Revitalising practices such as the Bordado weaving technique, a traditional skill from the region developed for domestic use and trousseaux, this exquisite artistry beautifully presents our cultural identity.

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